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I understand that Wyoming Farmers’ Market is aggregating orders and coordinating a pick-up site for the Winter Market Basket CSA. I understand that Wyoming Farmers’ Market is not responsible for any liability in connection with the products sold by the vendors.

Please note: Any item with the quantity field -- the number in parentheses -- with a value of zero (0) is currently out of stock. Only items with a number of 1 or more are available for sale during this ordering cycle. Items without a quantity indication are typically available in more than sufficient quantities to fulfill all orders. Thank you for understanding.
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Please note: for products that are sold by the pound without a price in the price column, please indicate how many packages you would like. Note that the price and approximate package are indicated in the product description. Since these items vary in weight, we forward your order to the appropriate vendor, and when the vendor pulls the product for your basket, they will send us an email with the actual weight. That actual weight and the correct price will be reflected in your confirmation email on Monday.